21 March, 2019


PROMAT³ is the latest version of our software for the management of preventive and corrective maintenance, this new incarnation of PROMAT has been developed using a new robust and modern framework that exploits the qualities of current operating systems and databases.

  • Configuración de trabajos por parte con detalle de tiempos y costos
  • Procedimientos de mantenimiento preventivo
  • Generacion y control de planes de mantenimiento preventivo
  • Seguimiento de Ordenes de Trabajo
  • Modulo de Inventarios propio
  • Control de presupuesto por Cuenta y Centro de Costo


Flexibility and Scalability

One of the most powerful features of PROMAT³ is its ability to adapt to a multitude of organizational structures and business types. Our equipment structure model allows you to create an infinite number of configurations that use shared logic concepts, this saves you time and considerably reduces the maintenance load of maintenance plans, no matter if your company has 10, 20 or 1000 devices, PROMAT³ It is your best option.

Process Automation

Create your preventive maintenance plans once, with PROMAT³ it is possible to create groupable and reusable information schemes, in order to limit the redundancy of information as much as possible, once your preventive maintenance processes have been created and configured the program is responsible for managing the scheduling of maintenance dates and optimal distribution based on a large number of parameters that allow optimizing work orders for the different executing agencies of the maintenance department. In the case of maintenance by counters PROMAT³ also implements the concepts of Sensor and Switch, this type of activators allow to create preventive and reactive maintenance routines that are generated automatically when their conditions are met, thanks to the PROMAT SVC module which is a continuous monitoring service that is responsible for automatic task execution, maintenance by counters, user notifications and collection of statistics.

Total Monitoring

The different modules of PROMAT³, have a multitude of tools that allow to maintain a continuous and real-time monitoring of the preventive and corrective maintenance processes, this allows obtaining statistics on times, costs and maintenance indicators. Our additional O.E.E. module allows the extraction of statistics based on the efficiency of the productive processes.

Summary of functions of PROMAT CMMS

Master Databases

Database Management:

  • Organizational Structure of Equipment
  • Parts Groups and Equipment families
  • Equipment Features and Characteristics
  • Parts and Sub-Parts
  • Work items by Part
  • Preventive maintenance procedures
  • Suppliers and contractors
  • Products and services
  • Executing Units
  • Work Areas
  • Equipment systems and generic work items
  • Etc….

Processing of Requests and Work Orders

User requests and work orders

Programming of extraordinary stops

Monitoring of work orders

Work order report by operators

Preventive Processes

Generation of preventive maintenance tasks

Control and reprogramming of preventive maintenance

Control of working days and holidays

Task execution by counters and sensors



  • Inventories
  • Warehouses
  • Inventory types
  • Measurement Units
  • Locations
  • Classifications

Transactional Control of Stocks

Tool Management Indicators

Tool loan & return control


monthly control

By management center, account and cost center

Data entry

Working Hours

Production hours

Supplies consumption


Optional efficiencies module


Activity display

  • Work Orders
  • Reminders and Meetings
  • Holidays



  • Equipment.
  • Equipment Parts.
  • Work Items.
  • Inspections.
  • Spare parts.
  • Inventories.
  • Budgets.
  • Etc…

General reports module with configurable categories.

  • Statistics.
  • Detailed Costs.
  • Maintenance indicators.
  • Workforce.
  • Diagrams and Charts.
  • Pareto Charts.
  • Budget utilization .
  • Projections and trends.


It is a continuous execution service that is installed on a server and runs automatically.

  • Generation of work orders by counters and sensors
  • Sending of reminders and notifications by e-mail.
  • Statistics caching and external data activities


Fully configurable Security Module

  • User Groups
  • Module Access
  • Specific Tasks

Fully multi-language system that allows you to create custom translations.