19 March, 2019

GERINIR S.A., Our history, values ​​and vision


GERINIR SA is a Costa Rican company specialized in the development of software and technology for the maintenance of industrial, medical, automotive, buildings, hospital and hotel equipment among others.

With a previous experience of 25 years in the national and foreign market, we position ourselves as one of the most experienced companies in the software of preventive / corrective / corrective programming / predictive maintenance. 25 years we have opened a gap in the national market, with the advice of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica “TEC” (Faculty of Maintenance Industrial) and the European Economic Community “CDC”. Being the pioneers at local level in designing and implementing a software totally tailored for the management and administration of maintenance departments.


To provide our customers with a world-class tool, allowing decision-making based on accurate and optimal information, ensuring success.


To keep our software solutions updated with the latest technology available on the software development world, making sure that the end user will always get the best product to perform their tasks.


In 1979 we started our company creating custom ERP and accounting software tools, we kept developing this kind of software for around 8 years.

At the end of the 80s we started research with the goal of creating software for the maintenance management of industrial equipment, being GERINIR S.A. the financial and accounting software provider of Coopeagropal R. L., the BID indicated that in order to make the respective payment for the purchase of plant equipment, they had to implement a software solution to support good maintenance practices. Corresponding investigations were carried out at the local level, resulting in the absence of any software suitable for this purpose, in the end the alternative was to purchase a foreign software tool.

The prospect of acquiring expensive foreign software on another language led us to take the initiative. With the blessing of engineer Jean Bandour, director of the European Economic Community Fund delegation we started a long process to design and implement a maintenance software solution made in Costa Rica, then, three years later Jean (our main advisor at the time) had to go back to Europe so we took our initiative to the Technological Institute of Costa Rica “TEC” (Faculty of Industrial Maintenance), they accepted our proposal to resurrect the project by providing a group of engineers as advisors, at the end of 1993 we finished the first version of our maintenance software suite, completely made in Costa Rica, and called it PROMATO (PROgrama de MAntenimiento TOtal), afterwards the name would change to PROMAT for its property registry and it is the name kept to date.

From that moment on we decided on a single goal, to become the best domestic and foreign maintenance software, so it was decided to direct all our efforts to this new goal and leave behind the ERP roots who made us a software development company. To this day, PROMAT has become the most complete tool on the domestic market to manage de maintenance needs of industrial and civil sectors, hospitals, laboratories, food production, hotel and service industries among others, the current version of PROMAT is able to handle many different languages and currencies, allowing it to be easily exported to foreign markets.